ALB Morgans is a 17-acre farm in Stilwell, Kansas founded in 2008 by Andy Brown. Andy grew up riding the trail with Quarter Horse, and his love of Western riding led him to the Morgan breed. After the first foal, Lovey, a 2008 mare, was born, it ignited Andy’s dream to breed competitive reining horses.

Today, ALB Morgans is managed by Patrick Benson and is home to around 25 Morgan horses. The goal of ALB Morgans is to produce a well balanced, high quality performance horse with a beautiful head and eye, characteristic of the Morgan breed. Brown and his team also want to promote the Morgan breed with representatives that have the athletic potential to excel in many different performance arenas.

Trainer Patrick Benson

Patrick Benson is an Army Veteran who went from an Infantry man to a all around horseman. After becoming certified by John and Josh Lyons, Patrick began training problem horses, starting young horses and from there became interested in performance training, including reining, dressage, show jumping and eventing.

Currently, Patrick manages ALB Morgans breeding and training programs, producing well-rounded horses in several disciplines. Patrick enjoys the challenge of learning new things and strives for excellence in what ever he endeavors, and he brings these qualities to the team at ALB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Patrick travel to me?

Yes. He is available anywhere in the Continental United States, Canada and Europe. He does individual and group lessons, clinics and demonstrations.

How can I arrange for a clinic?

You can host a clinic, lessons or private training for 5 riders or more. Contact us by phone at 816.516.6630.

Does Patrick work with all horses and disciplines?

Yes. Patrick has trained horses that are winning in dressage, western pleasure, reining, eventing, endurance, competitive trail and hunter-jumper/jumper. He also enjoys working with many everyday horse riders, who just want a better relationship with their horse. He has worked with many horse lovers, to improve communication with their horse so they can build confidence and enjoy the ride. Patrick is exceptionally talented with young horses, developing their willingness to work, which leads to successful advancements through the levels.

What if I don’t want to show but just want better control and relationship with my horse?

Patrick’s programs cater to improving the communication between the horse and rider. Everyone wants a better performing horse; whether it’s how to get your horse to stand still to mount, maneuver around a tree in a trail, advanced maneuvers or a dressage test. It’s important to break it down to the simplest form for the horse and rider, no matter what the challenge is. For example, if a horse is refusing a water jump, break it down into steps: Start on the ground with the horse, then move into the saddle after you’ve achieved what you want on the ground.